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School Uniform

School Uniform

The uniform is meant to create a sense of oneness and equality among the students and to urge them to reflect, apart from scholarship, the values which they imbibe from the mother institution.

Boys Brown shorts (for students Std. 1st to Std. V), Pants (Std VI to Std. X).plain white half sleeved shirt, plain white socks and black battered shoes with lace, brown tie with white line, and red patkka for sikh boys.
Girls Brown divided skirt, plain white half-sleeved blouse with collar, plain white socks, red ribbon on long hair divided and tied into two parts, girls without having proper long hair should have red hair band worn and black shoes with buckle, Skirt must be one inch below the knee, brown tie with white line.
Boys Grey terry-wool pants, full sleeved white shirt, grey socks black shoes and V - necked plain sleeveless and sleeved grey pullover, navy blue blazer, blue tie with white line white cap on PT day and maroon on other days and maroon Patkka for sikh boys.
Girls Grey divided skirt full sleeved white blouse with collar, grey socks, black shoes and V-necked plain sleeveless and sleeved grey pullover. Skirt must be of knee length. scarf & cap must be maroon and navy blue blazer, blue tie with white line, white scarf on PT day and maroon on other days.

N.B :

1 School tie is to be worn by all students.
2 School bag should be of brown color with M.C.S. printed on it.
3 The colors of the uniform have to be up to the samples exhibited in the school.
4 Blazer will be of navy blue color, of the same stuff and style with logo of school.
5 P.T. uniform starts from class I.

White shirt and pants for boys and white blouse and white divided skirt for girls. white canvas shoes and white socks, blue tie for both Boys and Girls.

UNIFORM (Nursery to UKG) Check red Shorts (For Boys), Tunic (For Girls) fawn Half sleeved shirt with Check red Color, Check red Tie, Fawn socks with red strips, black shoes with buckle and red ribbon for girls.
UNIFORM (Nursery to UKG) Grey Tunic, Full sleeved white shirt, grey socks, black shoes and V-necked plain grey pullover, tunic must be of knee length. Anything worn on head must be red.

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