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  1. The parents must sign a self-declaration all the time of taking admission of their wards that they would send their wards only by such transportation which is run in accordance with the ‘safe-school vahan’ policy of the Government for the safety of the wards. Any parents in connivance with private vehicle operators defy the ‘safe school vahan’ policy of the government and send their wards in vehicles which do not conform to the safety measures will be issued notice and subsequently will be asked to change the mode of transportation or withdraw their wards from the school, for the sake of their safety.
  2. Transportation of the children is not the responsibility of the school, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to make arrangements for the transportation of the children.
  3. Parents are strictly forbidden to send their wards to the school by vehicles which do not run in compliance with the traffic regulations of the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court on children’s safety. The school issues permission to ferry the children only to those vehicle owners who have submitted their legal documents to the school in compliance with the Hon’ble High court order.
  4. The Transportation of the children to and from the School is a collective responsibility of all stake holders. The school-management cannot be held solely responsible for the safety of the children during their transportation especially in case of private transportation with whom the parents have made agreement without my consultation with the school authority. In such cases the matter should be dealt with the concerned Government authorities, and the school management should not be unjustly dragged into controversies which would adversely affect the peaceful atmosphere of the school.

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