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Rules & Regulations

  1. Before seeking admission to the school the parents are instructed to read and study the terms and conditions, rules and regulations and the code of conduct for the students and parents who will be associated with the school.
  2. Admission begins in the month of December/January.
  3. No advance registration is done, four months prior to be beginning of the prospective school year.
  4. Application of the admission must be given personally by the parent, who is responsible for the child.
  5. Minimum age for the admission for nursery is three year by 31st March.
  6. The academic session of the school will be from March to February. The medium of the instruction and expression is English within the school campus, Punjabi, the mother tongue is taught from LKG and Hindi the national language from UKG. All students are advised to practice speaking English within the School Campus and in their respective vehicles, white travelling in a group.
  7. It is essential that a copy of the Date of Birth Certificate of the Candidate issued by the Municipal authority of the office of the District/Tehsil Registrar of Births and Deaths be attached to the registration from as proof of the age of the candidate.
  8. Admission of the candidate to any class in the school is made only after a written/oral test. Only those candidates fulfilling the registration requirements will be called for the interaction/test, Such candidates must be accompanied in person both by father and mother.
  9. The decision of the Principal, in all matters pertaining to admission will be final.
  10. Parents of the selected candidates will give a written undertaking that they will comply with the rules and regulations of the school as applicable to them and their children.
  11. Any attempt to use friends or influential people in procuring recommendation for admission In lead to disqualification.
  12. Please do not request a meeting with the Principal or other school staff to clarify issues or any questions that you may have regarding the Admission Process.
  13. Preliminary information regarding Admission can be taken for the Reception.
  14. New Admission to different classes is subject to the vacancies in each class in the month of February after the Annual Results are declared.
  15. No student will be admitted to the school without the Transfer certificate from the school last attended and the same duly countersigned by the concerned education officer.

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