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School Rules

School Rules

  1. Being an unaided minority educational institution its administration is entirely with the Christian minority registered society as per the provisions of the Supreme constitution of India.
  2. Admissions of students, fee structure, appointment, disciplinary action the against the employees, dismissal of the employees, etc. are as per administrative powers endowed on the minority institutions in conformity with the provisions of the Supreme Constitution of India, for minority educational institutions.
  3. The school welcomes any suggestion and advice which is positive and constructive for the welfare of the children and the school. But however the school cannot guarantee to implement them immediately. The school is not bound to respond to any self-made associations or groups of parents to their demands but would be dealing with individual parents and their wards during the parents- teachers meetings.
  4. Being an unaided minority private school the administration of the school is entirely under the provisions of the Articles 29, 30 (1) of the Supreme Constitution of India which grants autonomy to the minorities to administer its own educational institutions without undue interference from any unconstitutional external forces.
  5. Those parents who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against the school or join with any anti-social element to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the school forfeit the right to continue teaching their children in the school.
  6. Their children will be dismissed without giving any other reason. On special request their children may be allowed to complete the current academic session provided the school is given legal guarantee on written undertaking through legal procedure, that the atmosphere of the school will not be disturbed for the sake of the majority of children studying in the school. The children of such parents will be issued the TC along with the final result of the academic year. The same will be applicable to the students who commit the same offence.
  7. Being an unaided minority educational institution, the school is not bound to constitute a Parents association with members from the majority community to be involved in the administrative matters of the school. However, the school has its own arrangements to know the minds of the parents through the PTM (parents teachers' meeting) being conducted in regular intervals and the Local Managing Committee in which the parents' and teachers' representatives are nominated.
  8. All major decisions of administrative matters are taken by the Governing Body of the registered society which runs the school in consultation with the Local Managing Committee in which the representatives of the parents and teachers are members.
  9. All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are subject to the scrutiny of the Principal. Involvement of a student in any unhealthy friendship or indecent relationship with a person of the opposite sex. or any remarks, comments, jokes, exchanging of letters, sexually nuanced gestures etc. through verbal, textual, graphic or electronic media, of demeaning nature that goes against sexual modesty, will be treated as very serious offence and those involved will be asked to discontinue studies in the school with immediate effect, after due enquiries through the internal complaint committee.
  10. Disciplinary Action: Since the school management has strictly instructed its staff to avoid all kinds of corporal punishments, it has become the dire need to discipline the students only with the co-operation of the parents. Therefore it has been decided that on any serious in- disciplinary behavior of a ward a `Letter of Information" will be sent to the concerned parents. The parents must then visit the school and discuss the matter with the Principal or the class-teacher and find a solution to correct child. If a child does not improve after three such interventions of receiving the 'Letter of information' and advices to improve, in consultation with the parents in the light of the information letter a student may be asked to discontinue his studies in this school.
  11. Being an unaided minority educational institution the school enjoys total exemption from the RTE Act, and therefore the students who fail to obtain the required marks for promotion as per the ICSE norms would be detained in the same class and the students will be asked to repeat the year.
  12. The tendency of the students to go for private tuition is strongly discouraged, instead they should be encouraged to participate in the remedial classes provided in the school itself. The school teachers shall not engage themselves for private tuition, except with the written permission of the Principal.
  13. If anyone, be it a teacher, parent, student or an employee, be found in an inebriated state in the school campus stringent legal action will be initiated against him/her with immediate effect, leading even to the dismissal.
  14. The class-teachers are duty bound to check diligently the uniform of the students regularly. They should regularly insist on the hair-style of the boys and girls that they follow the regulation of the school.
  15. The Principal has the right to confiscate books, newspapers, periodicals mobile phones and any other items which may be considered objectionable No student should possess any unauthorized sharp instrument or any lethal weapon which is in no way related to the study materials and neither should they bring any contraband items, intoxicants, drugs or anything objectionable to any inmate of the school. If any such material is found in possession of anyone he/she will be suspended from the school with immediate effect, and the evil intention of the possessor is proved he/she will be debarred fro, attending the school.
  16. The school has the right to teach any subject that is required and approve, by the Board of Education both compulsory and optional.
  17. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificate are ordinarily not issued. In special case a bona fide certificate may be issued after verification, on payment Rs.100/-. stating that the particular student was studying in this school during particular tenure.
  18. A student who threatens the parents or the school authority with dire consequence of himself/herself committing suicide or to harm oneself of others on any disciplinary action on him/her will be immediately dismissal from the school. Information of any such oral or written threat will him/her to continue the studies in this school except through a write undertaking by the parents that the school will not be held in any way responsible for such drastic step by their son/daughter. And a copy of the written undertaking will be given to the Police station.
  19. IMPORTANT INFORMATION:- Duplicate copy of "School Diary" will be issued only by the Principal, after verification, on a payment of Rs. 100/-Children must take care to bring this diary daily to school and should safeguard it.
  20. No physical or verbal violence is permitted in the school. If anyone found using such means, he/she will be suspended with immediate effect and an enquiry will be conducted which may lead to one's dismissal if proved guilty.
  21. The school has constituted an internal complaints committee (ICC) to look into any sexual or physical harassment of the students or employees in the school. Any matters pertaining to such issues should be immediately reported to the said committee which will then deal with the matter as per the legal norms.
  22. The same committee will look into all matters pertaining to the POCSO Act 2012 and sexual harassment of women at work place (prevention, prohibition and redressed)Act, 2013 and will follow the necessary legal procedure.

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