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School Fee Rules

Fee Regulations

  1. Tuition fee is to be paid for 12 months and has to be deposited at the local bank specified by the school. Kindly read the instructions given in the Fee Book.
  2. The annual fees (comprising term fee, electricity, water, sanitation and hygiene, sports & games), Library fee, magazine, functions, examination fee and late fee also will be charged every year.
  3. Students who are admitted at any time of a current academic year will have to pay the complete fees of that year. Fee will not be accepted without producing the fee card. Fee shall be remitted on behalf of the child, by responsible persons and receipt, in the same time and retained with the parents/ guardians for future reference.
  4. The School reserves its right to revise the fees without notice to meet the rise in expenditure due to the increase of the cost of living, as long as the school does not receive grant aid from the government.

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